He blogs, she blogs – our lives online.

The Panther of News has been a blogger for about six weeks now so you’d have thought things might have settled down a bit for him. 

You know when you first blog and you check the stats, then you see some comments. It is such a buzz you come back and check again – about half an hour later. Then a real-life person says something nice about it… Oh yes. You are a blogger. 
Well that’s been happening to him. And, although I’m biased, his posts are very good. My favourite is the one where he talks about his trip to the supermarket with Boy Three.

When The Panther puts paw to keyboard and creates another work of genius, the first thing that happens is I’m supposed to stop what I’m doing and read it… giving appropriate feedback.

Then I have to deal with inconveniently timed and breathless calls saying: “Get me a copyright free photo of Where’s Wally, please. It’s urgent.”

Whereupon I patiently explain how to use the creative commons search on Flickr and other bits of modern-day mystery. Again. 

Eventually I get so fed up of the pitiful messages that I say: “Right fine, here’s your flipping photo.”

A little while later I’ll get another message. “It’s done now. Will you do the Facebook, Twitter, Stumble thing please?”

Moments later: “Have you done it yet?”

Then: “What have people said?”

And: “97 people have clicked on it. Wow, I’m an internet phenomena”

Of course this is all very endearing but while it’s going on I’m usually trying to do some work for people who pay me, feed children, pose as a functioning adult, and do my own blog stuff. 

A week ago, during a conversation “let’s talk about my blog first”, the Panther of News let slip he hadn’t actually even read In A Bundance for a couple of weeks. “Sorry, I’m just too busy.”

Hmm. It’s not really on, is it? There must be equality in the world of blogging – and more importantly in the house of blogging. 


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