You know you’re a blogger when…

… You’re hungry but you have to take a photo of your lunch before you can eat it.

From time to time I review things on my blog. It’s a public service, something I endure for your benefit, dear reader.
But his time I must confess I don’t really care what you think. The people at The Handpicked Collection asked if I’d like it if they sent me some smoked salmon to try.
As luck would have it no one else in my family much likes smoked salmon. More for me then…

The salmon arrived beautifully packaged and still chilled. It was delicious – firm and flavoursome, yet delicate. The salmon I was sent was lunch yesterday, breakfast today and there’s enough left for lunch again today. 

It would make the ideal gift for those people you can’t think of the ideal gift for. Especially where you don’t want to send wine, chocolates or smellies (again). 

Is it lunch time yet? 

Other ways you know you’re a blogger…

  • Your wardrobe (and your children’s) contain an increasing number of items you reviewed. 
  • Something hasn’t officially happened until you blog about it.
  • A sense of calm descends when you press ‘publish’. 
  • You ask your husband to take a photo of your tattoo and he doesn’t even ask why.
  • You can tell if someone is blogger or wordpress just by looking at them. (This might actually not be true.)
  • And all of these other things I wrote about last year. 

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