23/365 Little paparazzo at large

A few weeks ago, we were sent a LeapPad2 for Boy Three to try out. He loves it and his current favourite thing is taking photos of people, usually when they are least prepared for it. 

I can’t blame him, he’s had the same thing done to him since he first drew breath. I just hope he hasn’t worked out how to upload them to the internet yet. He hasn’t… has he? 

The LeapPad2 is an excellent toy and means that Boy Three, now three and a half, has a gadget to play on the same as everyone else in the house. 

Good points: 

  • Lots of apps so a user won’t get bored easily, including music, videos, games, ebooks and creative tools.
  • It’s educational – honest. Many of the apps are geared towards learning to read or write. 
  • It’s creative – Boy Three loves to create pictures. 
  • It’ll be fantastic for travel. 
  • It helps improve fine motor skills. I can see an improvement in Boy Three’s already. 
  • The LeapPad2 seems rugged and robust. 

Less good points: 

  • The apps can be pricey (£20 for some) when you don’t know the user will like them. 
  • It uses batteries so spares are crucial (especially when travelling). 
  • The music selection doesn’t include anything by One Direction, so Boy Three isn’t interested. 

As a big, investment toy (around £80) I’d say the LeapPad2 was a good buy. Just watch out for spending a lot on apps. I plan to get new apps only as a big reward or before we go on a long journey. 

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