52/365 Colour changing mystery

I hate not knowing how things work. Much as I would like to believe in magic, I know I’d spend days googling “explain the invisibility spell” and “how does prince to frog really work”.

So today something as simple as a candle has caused me much vexation. In the shop it was clearly marked as ‘colour change’ and I had assumed that the wax was of different hues, or something. 

Then I lit the candle and the patterned bit at the side glowed immediately, then cycled through blue, green, red, yellow and coral at a remarkable lick. But how?

There are no switches, instructions or anything obvious. How did this happen?

I asked Twitter and Heather came to my rescue: 

Or it might be pixies with torches…

When I get to the end of the candle I’ll let you know. 

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