64/365 What’s going on in my house?

This was the scene at my front door this morning. I’m not quite sure what the neighbours thought was going on – fumigation perhaps. 

I know my domestic ambitions are low at best, be we haven’t needed to call in the professionals… yet. 

It was the @thermalimageguy come to see how drafty the house is. Basically he sealed up the obvious gaps like the extractor fans and the fireplace and attached a large fan to the front door to suck air out creating a vacuum. 

Then he went round the house puffing smoke about to work out where the leakiest bits were. I’m still waiting for the report but the obvious candidates were from under the bath where we haven’t got round to fixing the bath panel, under the kitchen sink and below the windowsill in the sitting room. 

A fascinating half hour and one I hope will lead to some energy efficiency. The Thermal Image chap’s visit was organised free as part of the My Leap Project

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