72/365 Sunrise towards Glasgow

If I took this picture on my proper camera rather than my phone you’d be able to see the layers of hazy blue cityscape towards the horizon. However, as I was on my morning trot I didn’t have it with me. To be honest, I do well enough to take myself all the way round the route without added Japanese photographic equipment. 

The phone, however, always comes with me because I’ve discovered that the least painful way of getting through the exercise is by listening to a talking book on the Audible app. I’m currently listening to Barbara Kingsolver reading her own book Flight Behaviour. There seems to be so much more to be heard when the author themselves reads the book.

Kingsolver gives her creations the most wonderful names – Dellarobia Turnbow and Ovid Byron – like poetry. 

Obviously, I had to stop my running (slowly) to dig the phone out, pause Kingsolver and take the snap. I wasn’t standing for a rest, I was selflessly doing this for you dear reader. 

Just now I looked on Google Maps to find the spot I took this picture from to makes sure it was Glasgow and I discovered one of the buildings I puff my way past, isn’t a farm but a monastery. I’ve lived here for nearly 11 years and had no idea it was the Jericho Benedictine Society and not just a farm. 

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