74/365 Just because I like it

I bought this bottle of olive oil in Booths – probably my favourite supermarket. I like it so much I’m considering a one-woman campaign to get them to open a shop north of the border. One would do so well in, say, Renfrewshire. 

Anyhow, Booths (the one in Penrith, near where mum is) had beautiful bottles filled with olive oil. I don’t think it was a particularly special kind of oil – pressed the the feet of tiny goats at the top of a mountain or anything. But in the bottle the oil looks perfect. 

Now, every time it runs out, I wash it and fill it up again with more perfectly ordinary olive oil. I can’t explain why I do this entirely unnecessary thing, but I do. 

I had to fill it up again today because I’d made the most delicious goat’s cheese (I knew they came in somewhere), prune and pistachio cake. The recipe came from Gingerbread Woman‘s blog.

Gingerbread Woman is the very lovely Helen with whom I worked at a PR Agency once upon a time. Her new blog is lush and promises great things. 
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