75/365 Colour me cosy – thermal image pics

The intense white blob on the left is the vent for the central heating not an apparition. 

We had an extension built four years ago. You can clearly see where it starts above the front door, the
 new – better insulated bit is pink and the older walls show blue

On the gable, the warmer bit (blue) is between the floors and where the attic is. As this wall is new I’m going to see
what the architect has to say about it. There’s also clear heat loss at the top of the roof.

Yup, you’re right. I didn’t take these photos. They were snapped by Tom of Thermal Image UK as part of his work for our Local Energy Action Plan (LEAP) organisation. 

LEAP are committed to helping people save money at home. We also had a draft test carried out. 

The top priority things I need to do to cosy up our home are: 

  • Hang a curtain or blind over the front door and window
  • Fix the bath panel properly (huge draft here)
  • Seal behind the downstairs loo (gusty here too)
  • Seal around the sitting room window sill 
There were dozens of other suggestions such as sealing the understair cupboard door and doing something about the draft by the floor in the back room, but they fall below the outcome-effort crossover at the moment.

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