Nailing grown up hands for once

 For most of my life, I’ve avoided nail polish. This is partly because I thought painting my nails would draw attention to my not-very-elegant hands, and partly because I wasn’t really very good at it. 

Also painted nails sort of belonged with lipstick and beige tights, on someone who is a grown up. 

Now, though, I’m 45 and I realise that haven’t got that long to be a grown up before the liver spots set in. Thus, I thought it was time to do my nails. 

No polish nails
No polish nails – not very grown up

 The occasion deserved and outing so I headed to Boots in Braehead. The choice was, quite frankly baffling and I found nail products I didn’t even know existed. 

Colour change nail art
Colour change nail art – who knew?

I decided against colour change nail art and stick on decals in favour of far more sensible products. Having assembled my arsenal it was time to get to work. 

Nail varnish products
My new best friends in the quest for proper polished nails

Incidentally, are cuticles really that bad? I have gone through most of my life without being aware of them one way or anther. Yet, today I noticed dozens of different products to banish them. 

And that’s what I started cuticle remover, moisturiser, base coat – for strength, colour and top coat. 

I’d opted for a colour called Fiji, but a glance along the shelf revealed such gems as: sew psyched and trophy wife. I would love to know how you get a job thinking up stuff like that.

Great names

During the manicure process I learned an important thing. That it’s a good idea to make sure you have unpacked all your products before you start with the painting. 

top coat
A tactical error – the top coat was still in the box

However I was delighted with the end result and think I managed to create proper grown-up nails. I wonder how long they will last.

varnished nails
How does it look now?

nail polish
A very grown up nail

All products were available at Boots and you can see more pictures here.

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