Review: Fit Britches (for when magic fails you)

Not me, by the way.
There’s a bit of me that wants to believe in pixies and unicorns. That by doing some magical incantations, wishes will come true and endings will be happy.
So when I saw a product that offers to yield inch loss with no changes in lifestyle or diet, my attention was caught.
(Yes, I am aware that there is an incantation that helps with weight loss. It goes like this: “No thanks, take the chips away, I’ll just have this lettuce.”)
However, a magical product called Fit Britches seemed much better. The claims are impressive:
If worn for eight hours a day for sixty days then testers reported:
             Average loss of waist: from 5 cm to 12 cm
             Average loss on hips: from 4 cm to 7 cm
             Average loss buttock: from 3 cm to 7 cm
             Average loss around the thigh: from 4 cm to 10 cm
They work because they have dragon scales woven into the fabric because a special yarn and knit has been created to emit heat when it comes into contact with the skin, thereby improving metabolism, blood flow and stimulating lymphatic drainage.
They were developed by Famaz Khan who wanted to get back to her pre-baby shape fast. She said: “Over time and tons of research later  further probing lead me to believe that I could infuse fabric with heat to reach those ‘hard to reach’ places that normally would go unaffected by diet and exercise. The research got me to one conclusion….this was the solution!
So, going beyond the call of duty, I have been testing a pair of Fit Britches skinny shorts, and here’s how it went.
What are they like?
Have you tried Spanx or any of the other variants of big sausage skin undergarments? Of course not! Anyhow, they’re a bit like that and the effect is similar. And putting them on and off is something that shouldn’t be done with anyone else in the room. Ever.
Do they work?
I don’t know. I didn’t wear them for sixty days non-stop and I didn’t keep everything else exactly the same, so I can’t tell. They certainly hoik you in Spanx style when you wear them. They create a bit of warmth (but not in a bad way) and so they might work.
Are they comfy?
Surprisingly so, once they’re on.
Are they attractive?
Despite how the woman in the photo seems, they are not even slightly sexy. In fact, quite the opposite.
Is it worth it?
If you want some big knickers that might smooth things over instantly with the notion that they may do longer term good, then yes.
Buy them at the Fit Britches website
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