Review: Ravensburger’s CSI science kit

Question: When is a review not a review? 
Answer: When your son has done it for you. 

So there you are… A Blogging Boy gives the kit the thumbs up but says it’s a bit on the fiddly side. 

That might be because he’s a bit on the impatient side, but there you go. 

The kit, part of Ravensburger’s Science X collection, will certainly help children who like boffiny things have a bit of fun. We were asked to review the kit as before National Science and Engineering Week from March 15 to 24.

The CSI set contains 12 experiments that allow budding detectives to get to work. They do require a little adult assistance as they can be fiddly, but at a little over £15 for the kit there is plenty of play for your money. 

Boy Two was given the kit to review. 

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