Which Mother’s Day gifts are your cup of tea?

Glass teapot with mint

]Has the whispering started yet? It has here – people go very quiet and look shifty when I come into a room. 

It’s because it’s Mother’s Day soon and small people start hatching plots to make this Sunday very special. 

I’m not sure what mine are planning for me but it’s bound to be wonderful, not least because it will delivered with great ceremony and grubby hands. 

However, if you are looking for inspiration and have the means to direct the schemers somewhere to ensure you get something good, then have a look for Mother’s Day gifts that are bound to hit the spot at Handpicked Collection. 

The lovely people at Handpicked sent me a glass teapot to show me just how lovely their stuff is. It’s very beautiful and comes with a packet of mint seeds to grow my own. 

Though for what it’s worth, I reckon a mojito is a far better use of a bunch of fresh mint. Meantime, cup of tea anyone?

I was sent a teapot by Handpicked Collection. 

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