Once upon a time, mummy was a person too

From the top of a mountain, you can see where the dragons live

(A true story for my children)

Once upon a time, very long ago – in fact, so many years ago, it may well have been a land far, far away – there lived a woman.

She looked very like your mother only she was thinner. She didn’t have those lines and bags on her face, you know, the ones that make her look a little bit like a dragon. She had no idea how lovely she was, but then many people who dwelled in those long gone kingdoms didn’t either.

Now this woman was brave and strong and had a great many adventures.

In the years between the age of the dinosaurs and the birth of you children she climbed many mountains. She loved to see the whole of the world from a lofty peak. Sometimes she even climbed through the night to get the best views as the sun came up.

She kept her rucksack packed so that when the mood took her to clamber over some jagged rocks she could just go. This woman didn’t have to spend hours raking through other people’s sock drawers til she discovered who had nicked her favourite pair this time.

The vaguely mummy shaped person also had great adventures on the high seas. She battled great waves and kept everything shipshape until friendly winds blew her into exotic harbours. 

She hunted whales (to look at not to eat), danced with pirates (that’s what they looked like) and listened to all sorts of ancient legends.

Those days no one cared if she was home in time for tea or if there were fish fingers in the freezer. Some times the boats she was sailing had no toilets so she had to poo in a bucket.

But even when she wasn’t off buckling some swash, this person was having mini adventures nearer to home. She could stay up all night if she wanted, used to write stories she hoped might change the world and met new people every day.

Most mornings when she set out, she had no idea quite how the day would unfold, but she knew it would be exciting.

While this woman is a bit like your mother, she is quite different in many ways – she doesn’t care about tidy bedrooms or what other people eat. She never says hurry up or slow down, because if people can’t keep up with her she leaves them behind.

Where is she now? I hear you ask.

Good question. Part of her may well be still out there exploring at the world and roaring her great roar at the things that need it. 

If you’re very lucky one day you’ll get to meet someone who looks a lot like her. 

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  1. Anonymous says

    Are you having a mid-life crisis or just decided to be self indulgent? When I was a young man I had adventures I couldn't remember and rarely planned. I was anxious over so many things that were actually within my control but didn't seem to be. I tried in vain to be cool as that was important. I tried to be a success as that's what you had to be. I tried to be dropout and allow the world to owe me but was too lazy even for that. Now I am happy with a “I love you daddy” as my child lays his head down. What you lose from the roundabout of youth you gain on the swings of experience. Chin up, no both of them.

  2. says

    That's really sweet, and not what I was expecting. I used to be a different person too – but underneath all the Mummy stuff, I still am that person, and all too soon the Mummy stuff will slide over, and that person inside will be back…. :)

  3. says

    I had put a comment on this which now seems to be missing! I've been told by another blogger that my comments on hers were going into the spam folder. If that's happened here too then I'll start feeling victimised by online technology!!!

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