Scottish Roundup: Temporary Accommodation

Life on A Small Island’s sunset

From time to time I get to edit the Scottish Roundup of blog posts, rounding up the best recent posts and dishing them up. 

I really enjoy trawling through blogs that are new to me, ones I haven’t seen for a while and ones that are totally new. The nominations always turn up interesting reads.

However, this week the site is broken so I’m going to post the roundup here. I hope you like it. 

A couple of bloggers are reflecting on life in Scotland. Egg Dip Dip wonders where home is and Life on A Small Island talks of cats and treasure. 

I like gin, therefore I’m bound to like blogs with gin in their names. In It To Gin It is Walking All Over the World and Gin or Gym is having a Robert Redford moment.

It’s happy blogging birthday to Glasgow Mum as she throws a party.

Anyone hungry? Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Kitchen has some splendid recipes including a mouth-watering roast chicken and Scottish Mum makes strawberry ice cream. 

Obviously Muriel and Jasper are excited about the Coronation.

Scottish Album of the Year has caused controversy, according to Scottish Fiction. 

In a sporting turn, Raymond Weir offers advice on how not to watch cricket.

I’m really looking forward to what Caron Lindsay has to say about the Doctor Who announcement, but, meantime, she’s been watching Strictly so we don’t have to. 

And, last but not least, my husband blogs as the Rant Parrot, this week he was quite funny. (He told me to say that)

Thanks very much, I hope you enjoyed the roundup. Hopefully, we’ll be back home by next week, but, if not, keep in touch by following @scottishroundup on Twitter. 

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