249/365 Netwalking – my kind of business meeting

Of course that’s not a rain cloud 

Between the rocks can be quite spooky when it’s not full of chatting women

Stunning views

Looking at Loch Lomond

Looking at it again because it’s very scenic

Coming out of the rocks

SWIBbers striking out

And finally, damp but triumphant

Today’s Scottish Women in Business networking event was quite a departure. It was netwalking. 

Instead of chic and glossy in heels, the SWIB members were chic and glossy in walking boots as we set forth to walk the Whangie. 

I’m sure I’ve pondered this before but the Whangie deserves a verb of its own, I feel. Do the Whangie sounds like a dance, and ‘walking’ it is just, well, pedestrian. 

What a brilliant way of multi-tasking – fresh air and exercise at the same time as making (or reinforcing) business contacts. When’s the next one please? 

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